Trinity Direct takes a unique approach to meeting the unique needs of our clients. While we offer a full range of services, we give clients the freedom to choose how we can best assist them. We don’t charge any one-time or recurring annual fees for our services. Our fee is only based on the work we do.

We offer a full range of direct marketing services, in house, and through our network of trusted partners. Click below to learn more.

Full-Service List Brokerage

Broker Desk

By taking advantage of Trinity Direct's list brokerage services, you can be sure that you're getting the highest quality information in the business, coupled with the expertise you need to make that information work for you. After all, anyone can provide data—but only Trinity Direct has the expertise needed to turn mere data into a powerful, results-focused tool.

As your list broker, Trinity Direct offers you customized options and recommendations tailored to your particular set of circumstances.

Specialized Brokerage Services
  • MAIL PIECE/AUDIENCE REVIEW: We can provide a full review of your current mail piece and an in-depth analysis of your target audience, including lifetime value. With that information, our knowledgeable staff will recommend high-potential lists and segments that can offer outstanding results. With over 40,000 lists at our disposal, you can be sure that your customized plan will cover both mainstream audiences and specialized groups not usually available for rental.

  • LIST PLAN ANALYSIS: We can complete a detailed analysis of your list plan— which is particularly useful if your plan includes alternative media such as inserts, statement stuffers, or ride-along programs. Trinity Direct will keep you apprised of your options and the availability of programs that can enhance the success of your mailing.

  • MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING: We can provide insight and implementation for a successful multi-channel marketing campaign. Our cutting edge strategies will make you more competitive within your marketplace because multi-channel integration has been proven to increase revenue.

  • CAMPAIGN CONSULTATION: Trinity Direct can provide ongoing consultation for review and planning of upcoming campaigns.

  • SERVICE: Trinity Direct prides itself on the availability of SAME DAY TURN AROUND on order processing—thanks to our proprietary order entry system. When it comes to competing for the hard-earned dollar, even being half-a-step ahead can give you the edge you need.

  • SCHEDULING: When's the best time to conduct your mailing? How will you coordinate the details? With Trinity Direct, you don't have to worry. We take care of the scheduling woes, so you don't have to.

  • RESPONSE ANALYSIS: Response Analysis for your mailing helps you find out what list is working, where it's working and perhaps why it's working. Not only will this first-rate feature help increase your productivity, it will help cut your costs by eliminating unproductive lists.

Our Innovative Approach


We’re more than just your average list management company. We consider ourselves part of your marketing team. Each managed list is overseen by an experienced and knowledgeable Trinity Direct list manager to ensure maximum exposure of the list and, most importantly, to protect its integrity.

This is just one of the many reasons why we've been entrusted with over 250 lists from nearly every sector of the industry. As a premier list management provider, Trinity Direct has a unique appreciation for the responsibility that such a duty requires.

When you place your list in the care of Trinity Direct, you can be certain that your most valuable asset—your donors, subscribers and buyers—will be treated with the respect they deserve. And, just as importantly, you'll know that your list potential will be optimized under our expert supervision.

List Management and Marketing Services

  • Industry Contact: We are able to directly contact those mailers and brokers who will have an interest in your list. Every phone call, whether inbound or outbound, is treated like an opportunity to talk about your file. We treat every count request, every clearance request, and every order with equal importance to achieving maximum list rental and exchange leverage.

  • PROMOTIONS: We regularly send out email promotions and data cards for all of our managed properties, and this effort is then followed up with a phone call. Data related to each particular list would be on display and available at all trade shows and industry events that Trinity Direct participates in. We send out press releases for all new managed properties as well as for updates to existing lists.

  • MAIL DATE CALENDAR: Trinity Direct will maintain a mail date calendar on your behalf as well as keep your exchange status reports. We will adhere to and follow your guidelines while integrating your mailing strategies with other mailers in order to simultaneously protect and optimize your response rates.

  • REPORTING: We provide a monthly list usage report that shows orders, quantities, mail dates and expected revenue. We’re able to provide you with activity summaries including value per name, file turns, and year-to-year comparisons.

  • Trinity Information Systems, our full-service, in house data processing and fulfillment company, will maintain your data and provide quick turn-around on all orders.

Turning Data into Results

Data Processing Center

Through its computer division, Trinity Information Systems, we offer in-house merge- purge, list fulfillment, postal processing, NCOA, profiling, and data enhancement. The Trinity team will provide you with the best list and computer services for your next direct mail or telemarketing campaign.

  • LIST FULFILLMENT: We offer 48-hour shipment for all fulfillment orders. As your direct marketing partner, we can even provide 24-hour, rush shipment for those particularly tight deadlines, all at no additional cost.

  • MERGE PURGE SERVICES: Our systems use virtually all components of the complete name and address to increase accuracy and look for matches in a broader area. We leverage unique logic to maximize matching for the best possible results. In addition, we take it one step further and utilize the most powerful fuzzy matching algorithms on the market today. This allows us to identify phonetic and miss-keyed matches that others fail to detect.




  • DETAILED REPORTS AND ANALYSIS: Our reports are available both electronically and in hard copy form.

  • TECHNOLOGY: We can offer you the latest technology in hardware and software. Whether it's NCOA (National Change of Address), NCOA Nixie Processing, Delivery Point Validation (DPV), or even Locatable Address Conversion System Processing, think of Trinity Direct as your one-stop shop for all your postal processing needs.

  • STAFF: Our professional staff has over 25 years of experience and is available to help you with all your data processing needs.

  • ACCURACY IS KEY: Our state of the art merge purge services increase address accuracy. Our systems use virtually all components of the complete name and address to increase accuracy and look for matches in a much broader area. Even better, we leverage unique logic to maximize matching for the best possible results. We keep your database as clean and timely as possible.

  • FULL RANGE OF SERVICES AND VALUE ADDED EXTRAS: We offer a full range of demographic enhancements, which can be customized to fit a client's individual needs and budget. Over 65 selections are available, including ethnicity, religion, age, phone number, gender, credit information, mortgage data, marital status, presence of children, and estimated income.

Direct Marketing for Today


Trinity Direct has developed a complete online marketing solution with our clients in mind. As marketing technology evolves, email campaigns, social media, and mobile apps have become an essential part of all direct marketing efforts. Case in point: donors who are engaged through email and social media are 60% more likely to give.

Trinity Direct has made a dedicated effort to provide you with the best possible multi-channel strategy. Through our tailored, integrated approach, you can significantly increase your response rate and average gift. Communicating with donors across channels gives them more opportunities to give, ultimately raising your revenue. And, by communicating with donors on social media, you can attract a younger audience to your cause. In today’s world, digital is a key element of any successful marketing campaign—and Trinity has you covered.

Specialized Email Services

Email List Strategy:

Trinity Direct can create a complete custom strategy for your organization to effectively develop your email list and determine how to maximize its revenue potential. Once your lists are developed, Trinity Direct can help you focus on using these names correctly to maximize your return while minimizing your costs and efforts. This has also been proven to be an effective and inexpensive method to renew your expired or inactive contributors.

Email Appending:

Trinity Direct has developed the ability to append email address to your existing file at the lowest possible cost. The email appending process starts with identifying email addresses from the current postal addresses on your file. Once the email addresses have been identified, an email is sent to those email addresses with a double permission pass. The double permission pass is the process that asks the individual to opt-in to receive email from your organization. To ensure we offer our clients the best pricing possible, all billing is based on output and results. You are only charged for the valid addresses we recover for you.

Email Blasting Service:

Once your email list has been developed, or if you are interested in our email acquisition services, Trinity Direct can assist you with our complete email blasting service. We start by helping you develop your email piece in both HTML and text format so we can reach all possible recipients. Once the email content has been established, we run it through several tests including a SPAM checker that determines the likelihood the message will be identified as spam based in the current standards. Based on those results, we fine tune the copy and creative to ensure the highest deliverability possible. We are fully compliant with FCC regulations and the CAN-SPAM act.

E-Marketing Tracking and Reporting:

Whether you are engaging your audience through email campaigns, banner ads, social media, or mobile apps, Trinity Direct can provide up-to-the-minute reporting. With detailed reports of views, opens, and click-throughs we can monitor the status and success of your campaign and quickly adjust to maximize your return.

Trinity Response Analytics and Modeling (TRAM):

Through the use of Response Modeling, we make sure your marketing message connects with only the customers most likely to respond. What are the benefits? First, you don’t waste time and money targeting a historically unresponsive audience. Next, we use data gathered from previous campaigns to connect you with relevant audiences that DO respond. Once this data is collected, our staff creates a customized response analytical model that works for your specialized needs.

Facebook ADVantage:

As customer’s needs change, so do we. Trinity Direct now offers Facebook Advantage … where direct marketing meets social media. This innovative ad tool will connect you with the over 1.4 billion Facebook users. This is direct marketing on overdrive! Facebook Advantage will provide you with a steady flow of fresh leads, customers and countless opportunities.